Week 10

I am thankful for weeks 9 & 10 webinars I now look at things in a different way for instance I have been practising saying “I love you” in silence but lately it seems to have more effect see when I do this it is the first thing I do when everybody gets to work. There is 9 of us picture us guys like construction workers we sit in a big semi circle and I say in silence “I love each and every one of you” if they only knew what I was thinking but it sure brightens up my day. On a series side Half way through weeks 10 webinar something shifted and i’m feeling a little different if I didn’t know what was going on I would be a bit concerned but i’m not in the least, but in the same breath I don’t know how to explain this feeling. Looking forward to getting back at it again thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.

Week 7

Don’t know what’s happening everything was going so well had some realizations that hit me so hard that it brought tears to my eyes. ( I love it when that happens ) It’s that damn old blueprint it must be feeling lonely it’s trying to stop me from completing this journey but i’m going to finish this amazing course come HELL OR HIGH WATER.

Week 6

The last two weeks have been tough an old habit and I have been duking it out its crazy how one can get so addicted to an emotion. I am using the tools given to me I even get up two hours before I need to be at work ( I live less than 5 minutes from work) I have the mornings down pat the alarm goes off I’m up down the stairs to the kitchen grab a fresh cup of coffee eat my vities this is the easy part of my day. I exorb TGS, BPB,DMP, MKE  and a fifteen min sit for my morning eye opener.  I love the sits I like to do them 3x a day ten to fifteen min each. The evenings been when the struggle starts. It flatness the emotions and makes it hard to stay productive. This is when I dig deeper into my sits so I can get that energy pumped up. That feeling in itself is addicting I just love that feeling. All I know for sure is I’m going to win this once and for all and be done with this emotion It is the most useless one that I have.  


This week has been a great experience. I did the battleship training on myself to see if I could get a better grasp of who I really is. MKE introduces the mechanics of the human mind and how it all functions together. The mind is complex and can do amazing thing but what powers it were dose the life come from. I have lived on this planet for 56 years and yes I have learned a few thing about myself with the help of others and on my own. Let me digress here a bit. About 25 years ago my life had turmoil in it and at the time I wasn’t able to remove myself from it. My sibling had noticed the tension growing in side of me and had taught me a technique on how to leave my negative energy somewhere and in a place where nobody will pick it up. At this point in my life I’m game for anything. I practice this method for a few month and one day I was thinking, ya it does help I do feel better but that feeling i’m getting when I”m leaving the negative energy is it real or is it just in my head. Well, we’ll try to make a long story short. I was sitting at a friends place I’m sitting on the couch and his beautiful friendly loving black lab was laying at my feet as I was petting her and my friend was making coffee in the kitchen. I was thinking nobody is here to laugh at me and dogs have a great perception and my day wasn’t great so building up all that negative energy was easy and I laid both hand on the dog and realest all that negative energy at once. Well, folks don’t try this at home the dogs head came flying around growling snapping and showing them great pearly whites not attacking me it was just like stop doing that or i’ll chew you a new one  The second I lifted my hands the dog combed down and we were still friends. That is when I started to understand energy 25 years ago. I have come along ways in this time and Master Key is linking what knowledge I have gained over the years and to find out that my knowledge is still only the tip of the iceberg. I Think I”m getting a better understanding who I is.   

Week 4

Week 4 has been a rollercoaster of a ride. In one of my sits I did a battle ship breakdown of my self to figure out who really runs the show we call life better yet my show. I first thought about my subconscious even though it is strong like bull all mighty and powerful but it is only smart like tractor. It only dose what it is told and can’t make decisions. Then I thought it must be my mind, dose my mind not think suer it dose. It can make decisions and it runs the five senses, but that is still only functions. There is still something that is giving the directions. It is the I, to start to comprehend  who I really is, and to find out it’s really me. This is going to take some time to fully grasp this concept. In the mean time lets see what I can really do.

Week 3

MKS week 3 what can I say but wow  Wow WOW!! The week started off with a great webinar that is starting to get into the heart of things the reasons why we are all here for. That il lucid energy the feel good energy the feeling when you are hugging your best friend that you haven’t seen in a long time kind of that feeling but then it fades. I had it I know I did, I felt it but where did it go and the search continues. You are out walking on a warm sunny day in the park under the canopy of the trees the air is fresh your day is going great you stop to just take in the moment and there it is that feeling a little different than hugging your friend but it still feels good and someone comes ripping buy on their bike and you lose focus. Focus there is something to think about without focus your just out meandering about. I first started to learn about my energy 24 years ago and one day into MKE P3 by the end of #11 I had to set my book down I had received a little pice of info. This information would have been nice to have had it  20yrs ago but I guess I wasn’t ready for it yet. It bridged the gap as to why I was only getting what I need instead of what I want and why my energy was week  this was a very emotional moment for me. I have all ready learned a lot and it is only week 3. I can’t wait to see what happens next. When one comprehends that everything is energy and that your emotions and thoughts are all energy you will then know that the energy you are looking for is in all of us. When you find it you will know there is nothing like it but knowing how to focus that energy is why I am here to learn how to focus better.  

Week 2

I am now into week 2 of MKE this is an amazing journey. I love the part about an onion plant is old in nine weeks I can’t help myself I chuckle when I read that part and I know for a fact it’s true, DMP now there is something to think about and I love the feedback I am receiving from my guide so help full by only giving me something to think about great guidance. 

I’m not an organized person when it comes to the computer room but I’m finding in the last couple of weeks I’m finding myself becoming more organized  to be sure I a lot the proper amount of time for the work. This as and old rule was not me go figure, and i’m loving every minute of it 

masterkey week 1

Week one of the Master Key Experience is very exciting. Getting my time organized didn’t take long but it was essential I now get up 15 min earlier cause i don’t want to be rushed. It has been a Great week the reads gives one a few things to think about. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. If you are looking for something different one might want to come and take a look at this but  it’s like anything one will only get as much out of it as much as one is willing to put in to it   

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