Week 14 Rudy

At a young age Rudy wanted to attend Noter Dame collage and play football as that was the only team his father watched. Was discouraged by his father and family they laughed at his dream. Never making his high school football team did not discourage him. Rudy did not have the marks to attend Noter Dame. 4 years later.Brother gives him a football jacket from noter Dame on his 22nd birthday Pete inspires Rudy. Frank older brother dreams not fulfilled bashes Rudy dreams. After Petes accident at the mill Rudy besides to pursue his dream. Father tries to persuade Rudy not to wast his life on a dream play it safe. Rudy moves to South Bend to enrol in Noter Dame. Arriving at Noter Dame Rudy meets a priest that gives him a chance to bring his mark up by giving him 1 semester at local college and if Rudy makes grade he gets another semester. 

Rudy walks on to the field through the players entrance at Noter Dame to feel that sensation as to what it’s going to feel like when he makes the team. Tells the head coach his dreams that he will be playing for the Irish. Gets a job working  at Noter Dame’s football stadium just to be closer to his dream offers to work for free and gets minimum wage. After been rejected several times into Noter Dame he feels like a failure wasted a year. Boss lets him know it was not a waist of time he got a year of top education. Rudy has doubts about making his dreams come true and has it all been a waist of time but Persistence pays off. Rudy gets accepted into noter Dame and goes to Football try outs. Determination got him on the team and he gives it all, heart and soul and makes second string. Rudy wants to dress for a game for the whole family to see that he really dose play for Noter Dame. Coach agrees to let him play1 game next season because of the hard work, effort and dedication to get to this point but when the new season rolls around Noter Dame has a new coach.  Rudy waits for the ok when to dress for a game. It is the last game of the season and Rudy is not on the list. Was it all for nothing? Rudy quits he is not going to last practice what for. Rudy got inspiration from his boss who was once an Irish football player who gave up on his dream and regretted it every day of his life. Rudy goes back for last practice  to Finnish what he started knowing he won’t be dressing for the last game of the season and the last year for Rudy to play for Noter Dame. His team mates were so inspired by his actions persuaded the new coach to let him dress. Rudy leads the team on to the field. The Final seconds in the game noter Dame winning, coach wants the defence to run out the clock. Team mates decide to try and score so Rudy would have a chance to play in final seconds of the game. The play was successful. Rudy finally got his chance to play the last two down and sacks the quarter back in final down.

Rudy’s team mates so impressed with his performance they hoisted Rudy onto their shoulders and carried him off the field no other player has been carried off the field in the last 36 years.

Rudy graduated from the university of Noter Dame in 1976

Week 13

Week 13 this is one ride I’ll never forget. Receiving a scholarship with MKE is the best opportunity anyone could ask for. Learning how to use the Law Of Attraction properly is the best gift I could ask for. The bones part is I am able to sit and think constructively up to 30 minutes without the babbler interfering WOW. The amount of work I can get done in my head in 30 minutes is amazing. I was going through my business plan the one I had written out before starting MKE. The one I had already memorized and thought it sounded good but after one sit I knew what I had to go back and revise. So I went back through my business training and sure enough the way I was thinking before I heard it a little different. Don’t Get me wrong it was good the gist of it was their but it just wasn’t good enough but it is now. 

Week 11

when the thinking isn’t right but the energy is there you never know what you will get. I herd a saying once that has alway stuck with me “ When the studden is ready the teacher will appear” and I’m here to say its true I was looking and it found me it’s called the Master Key Experience and an experience it is. It has opened up my mind to a hole new way of thinking. 

Week 10

I am thankful for weeks 9 & 10 webinars I now look at things in a different way for instance I have been practising saying “I love you” in silence but lately it seems to have more effect see when I do this it is the first thing I do when everybody gets to work. There is 9 of us picture us guys like construction workers we sit in a big semi circle and I say in silence “I love each and every one of you” if they only knew what I was thinking but it sure brightens up my day. On a series side Half way through weeks 10 webinar something shifted and i’m feeling a little different if I didn’t know what was going on I would be a bit concerned but i’m not in the least, but in the same breath I don’t know how to explain this feeling. Looking forward to getting back at it again thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.

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